Product Description

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Product Introduction

Using nonwoven fabric of the best quality




HandaHelthcare Mask

The performance of a health mask to block particles is indicated by the numbers following the KF (Korea Filter) characters.
KF80 blocks more than 80% of 0.6μm fine particles and KF94 blocks more than 94% of 0.4μm fine particles.
The lining fabric of the mask has been tested for human use by an official testing agency.

Completed tests for hazardous materials

Testing for 4 kinds of hazardous materials in the lining fabric has been completed.
Allergic dyestuff | Arylamine | Formaldehyde | pH test

  • Seoul Regional Office of Food and Drug Safety
    Authorized certification company

    Hygiene is guaranteed by automating the entire process from fabric cutting to finished product vinyl packaging

  • US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
    Type 2 approval


  • Strict quality control

    Daily lot management and quality tests are conducted to make the mask that consumers want.

  • Brand OEM
    professional manufacturer

    Based on customer-centered management
    Putting top priority on safety and comfort