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Handa Health Care


Based on customer-centered management Putting top priority on safety and comfort

Hello everyone.
First of all, thank you very much for your support and encouragement of Handa Health Care Co., Ltd.

As a professional manufacture of face masks, Handa Health Care is contributing to protecting your precious family from the harmful environment in the space of daily life which has become as dangerous as industrial sites.

Since the establishment of our company in May 2019, we have produced goods putting top priority on customer satisfaction.

We have introduced a new manufacturing method and innovative new products through continuous technical development and quality management.

You will be able to meet the various products that fit customer needs with superior performance unique to Handa Health Care Co., Ltd.

We produce our products putting the safety and comfort of customers before everything else based on quality management and customer-centered management with the sense of mission that we value life and protect the safety of workers, too.
We have produced the Good Manner Series and Air Keeper Series masks using the hard shell (Xa Van 5161) of DuPont to protect consumers by enabling them to breathe without worrying about virus, fine dust, yellow dust, etc.

Handa Health Care Co., Ltd.

will maintain its competitive advantage by putting ourselves in the shoes of users and developing new technologies to produce more innovative, comfortable and economical products.

In addition, Handa Health Care Co., Ltd.

is not only producing the products for customer satisfaction but also fulfilling its social responsibility for the local community by practicing social service activities and protecting environment.

We will not settle for the growth so far but will do our best to become a perfect company which can satisfy customers by making continuous technology investments and producing the best products.

Thank you.

CEO of Handa Health Care Co., Ltd. Sunyi Kim